Finale and Book Giveaway: Hyde Park, VT

04/26/2018 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM ET


Rural Libraries


Hyde Park, VT

Lanpher Memorial Library will wrap up its CLiF Rural Library grant with storytelling by Jim Arnosky. Jim will first visit all the Hyde Park Elementary School students at the public library. After the presentations, each student will select two new books to bring home and to celebrate summer reading season.

10:00-10:45   Grades 4-5-6 Jim Arnosky Program  [90kids]

10:45-11:15   Grades 4-5-6 CLIF Book Selection


1:00-1:45   Grades K-1-2-3 Jim Arnosky Program [97 Kids]

1:45-2:10   Grades K-1-2-3  CLIF Book Selection

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